Mutter Synopsis

The short is based on an adaptation of the comic strip "The Last Man" Y collection. In a future world where human clones and humans struggle for power, Dr. Teresa (Anabela Teixeira) seeks to give birth to her son in a research clinic and is accompanied by her assistant (Welket Bungé). Both seek to hide the birth as it is prohibited by law and infiltrate the clinic where they meet the researcher Dr. Pedro (Francisco Areosa) who refuses to participate in their crazy plan, but who ends up helping them after being blackmailed by the assistant (Welket Bungé).

The filmmaker's Intentions

Taking as its starting point an American comic strip, the filmmakers realized that they should also try to follow a style approaching that of American culture. The approach is very straightforward, trying to take advantage of the capabilities of the actors, staging dense and dramatic performances in short periods of time. The inclusion of classic special effects fills the environment and climate where the scene unfolds with more density.

Transmedia project

The authors found that the project could develop as a transmedia project. This new production concept focuses on the principle that the story has many possibilities for entering the project, and is therefore distributed across multiple platforms. The aim is for it to be spread over the internet, mobile phones, iPods and other viewing mechanisms for the project to develop transmedia, bringing together new media with the former, thus extending product life and creating new forms of "engagement" with the audience.

In order to comply with diverse content to fill the transmedia production grid, a photography book was published, with the content being different to what we are used to in classic scene photography, but accentuating the artistic nature and in closer proximity to the author's photography. On the other hand the publication of the comic book continues the development of the narrative after the movie and the game. This and more is centred on a website where one can have access to relevant information on the film, such as a trailer, the making of, and it also provides access to a game inspired by the theme, that can be played either online or on a phone.

Although all platforms can be viewed and understood independently, the various stages of the narrative complement each other. The game is the sequel of the movie and the comic book is itself a continuation of the game, thus opening multiple windows for project input, in different ways of viewing.

There is also a commercial component of merchandise consisting of a CD of original tracks from the movie, downloads are also possible, along with the sale of the book of photography and comics. Even sweatshirts emblazoned with the symbol of the mask will be used in a marketing campaign, painting (graffiti) the symbol in strategic points around the city together with a fictional blog that mixes real news and fabricated news in order to plant an event which might arouse curiosity in the target project.

The transmedia project, in order to become even more transversal, could not end without including the direct participation of the user who can contribute by sending us creative suggestions for the development and continuation of the narrative.

Masters in «Film Studies»

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